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Fire, flood, plague and jamming

It’s been a weird year for everybody. Here in NSW, we’ve had bushfires, floods, and then COVID, all set against that low-mosquito-drone of impending ecological ruin and political ruin… anyway.

We were in lockdown for a while, but nothing like Melbourne. WFH has been mostly a blessing  (having steady work at all during this time is a blessing).  I’ve been playing guitar a lot, more than ever, and writing lots of songs.

Brian and Nathan tune up at Stage Door.

Brian and Nathan tune up at Stage Door studios, October 2020.

And the band has been jamming. Not every week, but pretty regularly, and we’re sounding good. Obviously it’s frustrating not being able to play to an audience. You really don’t know a song until you’ve played it at a gig. Some surefire classics have been quietly retired after an underwhelming reception from a roomful of friends and strangers.

About a year back we headed up the coast for  a few days to record. My gut feeling was that we had an EP’s worth of songs, but a playback last weekend suggested that we have 12 good songs – enough for an album. There’s a little bit more to do – a guitar overdub here, a vocal there – but thanks to Nathan’s expertise and hard work with the mix, we’re almost there.

So – we’re considering our options as to how and when we’ll get that album released. Hopefully it won’t be too long. And then it will be time to record another. And play some gigs, maybe.

All the best and stay safe.

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