About us

“Ornate and gorgeous with the widescreen vibes of Mercury Rev’s earthier side circa Deserter’s Songs…” Andrew Khedoori, 2ser


Lost in the Woods are based in Sydney. We have released two albums – Down With the Sun (2006) and Birdsong Almanac (2009) – blending folk, country, soul, baroque pop, and other styles, singing about natural disasters, birds, and relationships. What began as a solo-project for songwriter/guitarist Brian Yatman has evolved into something more collaborative and focused on performance. The band now includes Nathan Brand on bass, keys and vocals, Rory Toomey on drums and percussion, and Gavin Waring on electric guitar and vocals.



Those who went before: on drums, Greg Clark and Dave Wilcox; on bass, Mhark Cohen; on guitar, Wayne Wormald; on fiddle, Molly Florance, and on pedal steel, Graham Griffith. Thanks to you all.