What else can you do?

We had a gig – our first since Covid – scheduled for July 10 at the Gasoline Pony. But then Sydney went into lockdown again, and that gig has been postponed until August 28.

PHOTO-2021-07-02-14-30-46It’s frustrating. We’ve been jamming regularly, most weeks, and we’re keen to share the new songs. There’s a lot of them. And we want to put out the new album (we’re calling it ‘Your Lights Still Rise’), but we feel like we need to get some momentum happening. It would feel weird, just putting out an album, in the middle of all this.

But we’ll get there. People need to get vaccinated, then vaccinated again, and then we’ll be on our way. In the meantime, we’ll keep writing songs, and playing them, and arranging them. Working on harmonies. What else can you do?


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