New single: Headland

In late 2019 we spent a few days in a house up the coast recording songs. We planned to release them as an album in 2020, but that didn’t work out. When the lockdowns eased, we got back to playing and writing together, and the album – working title ‘Sugar Creek Road’ – was put to one side. Then other stuff happened, and for most of 2023 we didn’t play at all. That sucked. Late last year we started jamming together, and talk got to those recordings, and we decided they deserved to be heard. So, the plan is to release the songs as singles at (more or less) regular intervals. Anyway, the first one is ‘Headland’, which was inspired in part by memories of walks at La Perouse and Cape Solander. The cover was painted by our drummer, Rory Toomey.

Our new single ‘Headland’ is now available on Spotify and most other streaming services.


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